Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Cronin Show

I dropped by The Elephant Room Gallery today, to get a look at Jennifer Cronin's show of new paintings, which has been garnering positive critical attention.

The new paintings all feature the artist, at home, painted realistically, but with non-realistic paint added. Here's an example:

Some, like this one, seem anxiety-inducing. I feel the paint is sneaking up on her unawares.

I wonder if she feels that way because she feels her life being overtaken by her art. My wife tells me that 50% of my brain has been taken over by a rhyming engine. Maybe it's something like that.

My favorite of the show is called "Cake," and it shows the artist in control of her paint. She is in the kitchen, making a cake, but she's doing it with brightly colored paint that she ladles on. I haven't found a good picture online, but you can see some of it the background in this photo from the well-attended opening:

I also had a substantial conversation with the gallery's proprietor, Kimberly Atwood, who besides being a curator is a professional photographer. I expect to be back.

Can love of paint
begin to taint
your soul?

Do you ever feel it start
to slip out of control?

A life in art
is not for the faint
of heart.

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