Monday, March 02, 2015

I am stunned:

"The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton used only her personal email address while serving as Secretary of State."

This seems to be against the rules, but quite premeditated.

However this comment at Gizmodo seems right:

"Even more interesting will be hearing the explanation. Surely there is one."

I'm not saying we will hear the true and complete explanation. But surely her team has one ready!

Perhaps the rules don't apply
when you are sufficiently high.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Some Sonnets Do Not Use The Letter X

Some sonnets do not use the letter X.  
No maps are mentioned where "X marks the spot."
No films are featured with "X-rated sex."
An "ex who lives in Texas"? I think not!

X flashes the allure of the unknown,
The algebraic problem to be solved. 
Poor Y may get an axis of its own,
But not the fame, though equally involved. 

X penetrates mere visual appearance,
Its rays reveal the bone beneath the skin,
To verify your skeletal coherence,
Or check your teeth for cavities within. 

One final fact which made my mind perplex:
Its shape is all concave and no convex. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

He Said "Live Long and Prosper"

He said "Live long and prosper," and he did.
Somebody wrote those lines for him, but he
Delivered them so perfectly that we
Accepted him as Spock. But was he hid?
Held down beneath a pressure cooker lid?
He wrote "I am not Spock," but came to see
The role affected how he chose to be:
More logical, less driven by his id.
An actor can get tangled in his role.
He searches for an inner motivation,
He strives to grasp an overarching goal,
That gives his character an explanation.
He ends by finding something in his soul
That springs unbidden, beyond expectation.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Net Neutrality

I'm not sure what to say re: net neutrality.
Does it imply the net is getting neutered?
I hear it's coming to my net locality,
And fear that soon I will get over-tutored
In detailed rulings from the FCC
On what is fair and square and - what is not.
The lawyers should be filled with ecstasy
To think of all the suits that will be brought.
I know that DARPA helped start up this party.
I stand in awe at just how well it works.
But will the net remain this hale and hearty,
Or will it be chained down by bossy jerks?
I do not mean to overrate the scariness,
But common sense suggests some watchful wariness.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snowy States Cause Longer Slumbers

"People in snowier states appear to sleep for a little longer during winter months than those in sunnier states, according to a recent analysis of data from a popular sleep tracking app."

The news is: snowy states cause longer slumbers.
It's scientific, measured with an app,
With lots of quite impressive sounding numbers,
And best of all, a multicolored map!

I cannot say that this result is shocking.
If you have ever burrowed in your bed,
Because the Brrr is something you are blocking,
You know you faced the dawning day with dread.

Who wants to wake up just to see the dark?
Who jumps up eager just to feel a chill?
Who wants to go out jogging in the park?
Around this time of year I've had my fill!

In my next life, I plan to be a bear
And snore for three whole months inside my lair.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some Sonnets Do Not Use The Letter Z

Some sonnets do not use the letter Z. 
It's E Z to avoid, that much is true. 
Unless you're writing sympathetically 
About the plight of zebras in a zoo. 

The sound of Z is quite another matter. 
When S getz added to the end of wordz,
It often sounds like Z in standard chatter. 
Our spelling system's strictly for the birds!

And if your accent leans toward the French,
Why, zen zee problem will be even worse.
So put the letter Z upon the bench,
But let its sound play freely through your verse.

Though forced to always trail behind the rest,
Z tries to catch up with a burst of zest. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Watching The Western Sky

I watch as Venus hovers in the sky.
I know she orbits slowly round the sun.
I know her surface temperature would fry
My body like a steak that's too well done.

The Evening Star has always made a show -
Heavenly beauty, simple and sublime.
But don't you think it's rather strange to know,
What no one ever knew, for all Earth's time?

I'm grateful for the gift of living now,
In this bold age of far flung sensory probes,
Which let us see in vivid detail how
Things really are on all our neighbor globes.

The Roman goddess may be dead and gone.
But science, and its sense of awe, live on.