Sunday, August 28, 2016


Perhaps we could have a free competition between trigger-warning schools and robust-discussion schools. Over time we could see where most students really preferred to go, and which schools did a better job of preparing young minds for real life.

I imagine market selection
Would trend against over-protection. 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Burning Man Airport

I don't follow this Burning Man festival thing closely. I've never been there. But it's exotic and amusing, and involves a lot of people with money. I was amused today to find out that a temporary airport goes up in the desert.

"Last year, this airport in the middle of the desert handled more than 2,300 passengers during the event, which is otherwise a two-hour drive north of Reno. Many of those arrivals came on small planes, and to increase capacity, this year airport managers are having both 20- and 30-passenger airplanes offer charter service to Reno and points beyond."

Volunteers build towers
for air traffic control,
but the FAA and TSA
have no official role.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Making Sense

It's a poor dramatic arc
that leaves you totally in the dark.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Armageddon Deferred

How come Great Britain is still doing okay?
Wasn't Brexit supposed to wash them away?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some Still Hate the Late Andrew Wyeth

From an article titled "Why Do Critics Still Hate Andrew Wyeth":

"Modernist and postmodernist art tends to be urban art—the structure and pace of life and media experienced in cities—while most traditional realists have directed their attentions to the countryside. It is for this reason that critics have tended to see realist art as sentimental and nostalgic. There are not just differing ideas about art at stake but competing visions of America."

Do some imagine there's great social harm,
In painting nice pictures of life on the farm?

For a Friend

When you are lying shattered, you recall
The way your pieces used to fit together
In one cohesive and coherent All. 
At first you stare in shock, and wonder whether
Your mind can find a way to solve this puzzle
That Humpty Dumpty's helpers could not solve,
Or feel the urge to give it up and guzzle
Your life away, to let the world revolve.
But even if your strength is sapped by sadness
Go pick the pieces up. No need for glue. 
For though the shards are sharp and edged with madness,
They'll stick together just because you're you -
An underlying and organic whole,
With hidden power to heal the splintered soul. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I cycled out to the end of the trail
Then recycled back to my car without fail.

"First Landslide President We Don't Want"

Headline on a column in the NY Post:

"Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don’t want"

I think maybe we've had at least one of those already.

In 1972, Nixon was running for a second term, and not many voters really wanted him, but he won in a landslide anyway, because his opponent, McGovern, was even scarier to the electorate. Which is kind of how this election is shaping up - at the moment.

Oftentimes no candidate
Really makes us merry
And it becomes our sullen fate
To choose the one less scary.