Friday, April 06, 2012


I just got back from an art show, "Embody", at the Black Cloud Gallery, featuring Jennifer Cronin, Ian Mitchell Wallace, and Matt Maniscalco. All the paintings involve human figures, usually with some element of fantasy or surrealism.

I'm a big Cronin fan, as I've no doubt mentioned before. The show includes this one, which I especially like for some reason:

The actual painting is about six feet tall. And the photo doesn't quite capture the sharpness of the contrast between the brightness of the pink cloud world and the darkness of the imagined dining room.

Ian Mitchell Wallace had a set of nudes with gold medallions or coins appearing in odd or suggestive places. Here's a detail from one I liked:

Matt Maniscalco had what looked like punk dance parties with inset paintings of other things in the center. I liked this one best:

These pictures are all from the artists' websites, which I linked to on their names, above.

By the way, one great thing about gallery shows, as opposed to museum shows, is that they're free!

But if you drive home with a painting in your car,
the gallery shows cost more, by far.

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