Friday, May 11, 2012


Went to see the opening of Peter Pan's Shadow, Part Two: Everland. It's a wild, funny, touching adventure that's set after the events of the regular Peter Pan story.

It is set, much of it, in the belly of the beast - a crocodile. Or, not its belly always, but other inside parts as well, for this a cavernous croc. It's a journey undertaken by Peter Pan's sister and Captain Hook, played by Anna and Jeremy Menekseoglu. They have been swallowed up, and are endeavoring to escape with their lives. Beginning as something like enemies, they end as something like friends, and the sense of relationship between the two is palpable throughout, like a beating heart, like drums in the background.

As usual with Dream Theatre shows, all of the acting was riveting. Chad Sheveland plays Mr. Skylights, another pirate, with crisp comic flair. Annelise Lawson, as the heartwrenching, magical Tink, explains at last why she is such a powerful fairy. Rachel Martindale is adorable as Wendy and quite frightening as the Mad Mother Doll. Avery Ferguson was bursting with energy as the Mock Shadow. And Annie Hoeg was sprightly and cocky as Mock Peter Pan.

Samantha Schmidt is utterly charming as Jane. By a funny coincidence, the only other role I've seen Sam play is Jane from Pride and Prejudice. Has she been name-cast?

Visually, the show was spectacular, and the wooden sword fight looked scary from where I was sitting.

The unbalanced mind of Captain Hook,
could fill an abnormal psychology book,
but still, in his way, he is wondrous wise
at seeing through the world's lies.

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