Sunday, March 22, 2015

Changing Tires

Showed my daughter how to change the tire on her car today. (Her husband is out of town.) I had her do a bunch of the work, explaining precautions along the way. She said it was easier than she thought it would be. We did have the great advantage of doing it in a dry warm space - namely her building's garage.

But... how did I fail to show her this before? Now I'm wondering if my son knows how to do it.

During my lifetime, knowing how has actually become less important. Nowadays, with cell phones, you can usually just call someone.

But when your tire loses its air,
it's good to know how to put on the spare.


Charlie McDanger said...

Good for you, and her.

During college a couple friends were on their way to visit me in the mountains when they got a flat. Stay put, I said, and jumped in my car to go help.

When I arrived, the two of them were using a screwdriver to try to separate the tire from the rim...

JohnJEnright said...

That's hilarious. I supposed "changing a tire" is misleading to the uninitiated, because it's really the whole darn wheel that you change!