Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Penalty Phase

Now that they've decided the Boston Marathon bomber is guilty, which wasn't much in question, they somehow have to decide whether to kill him or not.

A friend of mine suggested that they would decide not to kill him, because it was cheaper to keep him alive.

I think it's true that it's cheaper to keep him alive - mostly because of all the mandatory appeals that have been built into the death penalty system.

But I told my friend that they may see execution as worth the extra cost. I mean, how much money have we spent on this guy already? Tons.

It's clear that the criminal justice system does not operate on a simple cost/benefit ratio. And, even if it did, what is the psychological/social value of giving this guy a lethal injection? It's manifestly clear that a lot of people feel it's a good idea.

When facing a monstrous deed,
many will feel the need
to bury the beast
at the very least.

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