Saturday, May 30, 2015

Steve Jobs and Philosophy

Last night we went to hear Shawn Klein talk about a new book he edited, Steve Jobs and Philosophy.

'In Steve Jobs and Philosophy 16 philosophers examine the inspiring yet often baffling world of Steve Jobs. What can we learn about business ethics from his example? What are the major virtues of a creative innovator? How could Jobs defy conventional business practices? How did he combine values and attitudes previously believed to be unmixable? What does it really mean to “think different”?'

We picked up a copy to take home, and I've already read some of it, including the essays on Jobs & Buddhism and Jobs & Existentialism, both of which seemed like solid contributions. I already knew a lot about the 2 isms, but I garnered some new thoughts about Jobs' relation to them.

There are some very funny editorial touches. For example, the index, instead of appearing with the heading "Index", appears with the heading: "There's a page for that!"

What did the existence of Steve Jobs mean?
The man poured his soul into the machine.

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