Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cool House

Our house boiler is not boiling.

The problem seems to be that too much water is coming into it. I think maybe it's just the water valve.

We've got a steam guy coming tomorrow to take a look.

I could try to fix it myself, but I'm going to take a pass.

Boilers must be approached with care.
And duct tape might not work for this repair.


Anonymous said...

My boiler wouldn't boil a couple of weeks ago, and the boiler man had to come and fix it. No problem, it boils again. My steam is two pipe, and I think yours is one - more pipes, more better.

Bro Mike

JohnJEnright said...

All fixed. I wasn't here, but the guy came. Nothing broken, but sounds like some device needed to be re-set.

They have too many safety features that inadvertently stop these things! On the other hand, that's better than either an implosion or explosion, both of which have been known to occur.