Thursday, January 07, 2010

Bold Girls

I went to see Bold Girls, tonight. It's an Irish play by Rona Munro, about 4 women. There are no men in the play. Why is that? Because the relevant men have been jailed, or killed, by the Brits.

The play is set in Belfast, during The Troubles, a grim time indeed. The director was joking that the situation was so depressing that Prozac would be handed out at the end of the play.

I liked it a lot. The storyline kept you guessing with secrets, and action, and revelation. The dialog was quite clever, in characteristic Irish ways. And the central character, played by Linda Novak, perceived by others as a long-suffering saint, deftly unfolded her true nature to us.

Jaimey Kennedy and Grace O'Neill
made Nora and Deirdre real,

and Colleen Winters was sexy and sassy
as Cassie.

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