Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday - Painting

This is a painting, "Sunday", by Jennifer Cronin. Here's a bigger version.

A young woman is standing in her bathroom painting flowers in the air, and the flowers are coming alive.

She explains:
...with Sunday, I was really interested in moments where the illusion of paintings fall apart and where characters within the painting realize that they are just painted. So, the character in this painting is using the decorative technique of one-stroke flower painting (as seen on PBS) to decorate the surface of the painting that she is in. It also speaks a lot to the roles of women within art history as the hobby artist (or the sunday painter), relegated to what has been considered lower generas of painting, such as flower painting.
And here I thought it was just a magical moment! But I found her point about relegation rang true. The art world is full of secondary competition - not just competition of talent and production, but fierce competition in criticism and gate-keeping.

It ain't
just what you paint
that wins you fame
and acclaim.

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