Saturday, February 09, 2013

Deal Reportedly Reached

Local news outfits are reporting that Jesse Jackson Jr. has signed a plea deal.
I thought maybe he would plead guilty to so much stuff that they would let his wife walk. But, maybe not:
The former 17-year South Shore Democratic congressman had told associates that he tried “protecting” his wife during negotiations leading up to the plea agreement, but “they wouldn’t let him,” the source said.
I mean, they have minor children. A lot of guys are willing to do extra time, if it enables their kids to stay with their mother.

And Congressman Jackson was a much "bigger catch" than Alderman Sandi Jackson.

What are they in trouble for? It seems to be campaign funding trouble. When I was a kid, most of these laws didn't even exist.

These laws deserve to be softened,
so politicians go to jail less often!

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