Monday, December 30, 2013

The First Great Wall

Archaeologists from Chicago's Field Museum have been mapping out China's first great wall.

“The wow factor here is, of course, that there was a ‘Great Wall’ before the famous ‘Great Wall,’ ” Feinman said of the remnants, which still stand 15-feet tall in some places. “People knew where little segments were, but they didn’t know the full extent.”

The first Great Wall suffered a fall,
so maybe was not great after all.

The second, which came later,
is reckoned greater.


Charlie McDanger said...

Fine work as usual this year, John. Happy new year!

JohnJEnright said...

Happy new year, Charlie!!

Michael R. Brown said...

This is really striking, because within the last few days I was reading up about the Wall - and learning about this section of it and wondering when it would be more-studied!

JohnJEnright said...