Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Coyote On Ice

I've walked across frozen lakes, but they were little lakes, frozen solid across the top. One lake you don't want to try that on is Lake Michigan, because it doesn't really freeze all the way across. And, actually, when you're standing on the shore, it's hard to tell sometimes when you're standing on ice that's on top of sand, and when you've unknowingly stepped out onto an ice shelf that is over the water itself. Anyway, the problem is that the huge chunks of ice can break away - and go drifting. Nowadays, at least, you might have your cell phone with you. That would give you a chance of survival, even if no one was with you.

I was put in mind of all this by a story today of a coyote that was spotted, and photographed, walking on Lake Michigan.

He was gone by the time Animal Control got there to rescue him.

I'm not sure what they were going to do to him after they would have rescued him.

Probably it was smart
on his part to depart.

Coyotes dislike control -
it's how they roll.

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