Thursday, February 06, 2014

I Thought Poodles Were Smart

After one of a man's poodles fell in the icy lake, he fell in after it, trying to rescue it.

Fortunately a couple of people nearby acted quickly. One threw the guy a rope, and the other called 911.

"At first I threw the rope over him but the dog was kind of pulling on him with his weight pushing him under the water," Dominik said. "He kept saying, 'Save the dog first,' I kept saying, 'No, we're going to save your life first and then the dog, your life is more important,' but he insisted on pulling up the dog first."

Then a whole passel of emergency professionals showed up. They had to hurry, but they actually got this guy and his dog out of the water alive.

'"Running in about 12 inches of snow as fast as you can to get to somebody who's fighting for their life ... it was a desperate situation," Officer Jean McCarthy said.'

Poodle was oodles of trouble,
but rescuers came on the double.

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