Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Night Alive

Tonight I went to see The Night Alive, by Conor MacPherson, at the Steppenwolf. MacPherson is a contemporary Irish playwright with an American following.

I had a very enjoyable time, because I liked the Dublin characters, and the lively dialogue, and the strong dramatic situations. But the plot's a bit meandering and ends with a sort of mystical ambiguity, and the characters are sympathetic but not particularly admirable, so be forewarned!

A friend, who recommended the play to me, said that the playwright's voice reminded him of my own. So I feel flattered.

The story's about a middle-aged guy who rescues a young lady from a beating from her ex-boyfriend.

My favorite performance was that sociopathic ex-boyfriend. Great sense of menace when we finally meet him. Which makes his receiving of his just deserts all the more satisfying.

Who will contrive
to make it it through
the night alive?

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