Friday, June 19, 2015


Just the sort of story that draws my eye:

"Toyota Motor Corp moved into damage control mode on Friday after its new communications chief Julie Hamp, an American and its first senior woman executive, was arrested on suspicion of illegally bringing pain killers into Japan just two months after her appointment."

The allegation is that she had someone mail pills to her that were at the bottom of a box full of necklaces.

The thing about pain pills is that they are legal with a prescription, in both the U.S. and Japan. The drug warriors have been "cracking down" on pain pill use, making it harder to get them.

But this is a woman with some means and prominence, which leads me to wonder why she would take the chance of having someone mail them to her in a sneaky way. Why didn't she just get a prescription for them in Japan? I assume the trick is to "ask around" to find a respectable doc with liberal prescribing policies.

The whole operation seems reckless.
Pills don't look much like a necklace.

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