Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Shrink Shrunk

Greg Pratt has the story in the Chicago Tribune:

"Psychotherapist has previous arrest for practicing without a license: police"

His previous trouble was in Florida. Now he's in trouble here.

Misrepresenting a credential,
can be awfully consequential.

Allegedly he represented himself as being a licensed psychologist, and as having diplomas in psychology. Apparently, neither is true.

In Illinois, you can perform the talking cure without a license, but you can't claim to have a license when you don't, and you can't call yourself a psychologist. I think you can call yourself a therapist, or a shaman, or a bishop, or a counselor.

Some of his clients are upset.

'Baran revealed "very personal 'things'" to Redman, believing him to be "a doctor of psychology," but became alarmed when a friend told her Redman is a "scam artist," police said.'

I fear this guy may be a serial scamster,
so I'm talking instead to a most helpful hamster,
who quietly listens to all of my goofiness,
and nods his approval with perfect aloofiness.

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