Friday, March 25, 2016

Festival Opens With Kitties

That's one of the actors playing one of the sentient felines in Kitties in Space, which is part of the Doing Drugs And Dying In Space festival of short plays from Runaways Lab Theatre. The show, consisting of 12, or was it 13, short plays, runs 3 more nights - including Easter! Maybe I should have written a bunny into my play.

The actors in my piece were hilarious, really channeling their animal spirits. I think Sarah Patin, who directed, did all kinds of awesome.

I enjoyed a lot of the other pieces too. Many were funny. Many were thought provoking, or touching, or even scary.

Like a kitty leaping from its haunches,
the festival launches.

Update, The Cast:

Twitchy: Ross Childs
Socks: Nick Hasselbrock
Pinkie: Vincent Greco
Mittens: Roy Rainey

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