Sunday, September 25, 2016

Birthing for a Play

I just got done selecting a set of videos to be the stand-in for the "Lamaze video" in my new play.

Basically, in the second act, one character is supposed to have watched this video a couple of times overnight and now feels vaguely ready to coach a pregnant woman through childbirth.

This is what we call foolhardy. I mean, he might get lucky. The video might have prepared him for everything that he will, in fact, face.

But human childbirth often arrives with complications, peril, and emotional roller-coaster experiences.

And all the coaching in the world is only so much help to a woman whose body is just doing stuff on its own, stuff it may never have done before, in a big damned hurry.

Modern medicine makes it safer than ever.
Still it's a scary journey. We need a lever
Where you can just pull and a baby - poof! - appears
Without any agony, danger, fuss, or tears.

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