Saturday, October 29, 2016


At the moment, I'm enrolled in an Obamacare "bronze" PPO plan. My monthly premium is: $567.36

Next year's monthly premium, for the same plan: $991.53

Well, that's a 75% increase!

At least it isn't doubling.
Still, I find it troubling.

I don't mean intellectually troubling. Intellectually, this makes complete sense to me.

The program suffers from deep flaws,
Defying economic laws,
Which really should have made them pause
Before they passed this mess.

They didn't care, I guess.


Charlie McDanger said...

Filthy. In my opinion, cancel coverage, pay cash for services. If you need extensive services, pay cash in Mexico.

John E. said...

Your plan is a pretty good one, I have to say.