Saturday, November 12, 2016

Don't Let Them Get Too Comfortable

I think it's a good thing that one party doesn't stay in control of the government for too long.

Often you see a kind of hubris creep into the party in power. They literally can't imagine being out of power. Which is fascinating, because, as a rule, they haven't been in power that long. But they think that this time - this time! - the cosmic balance has tipped in their favor forever.

Probably the Republicans will start thinking like this shortly. Probably they will start overreaching, doing things that start unpopular and just plain stay unpopular, as the Democrats did with health care reform.

In the mean time, I experienced some schadenfreude at the spectacle of the fallen faces of people who were sure they had the American people sufficiently terrified of the other guy.

Their chosen candidate stumbled.
Behold, the mighty are humbled.

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