Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cemetery Etiquette - Jogging?

Sometimes, when out for a run, I jog along the paved roadways of a cemetery. I've been wondering about the etiquette of this.

Usually, I have at least one close relative buried there, and I do stop by the grave briefly. But a few times I have been in some cemetery where I don't "know" anybody.

So far - I've heard no complaints. I'm careful to never venture near a burial service. I don't run on grass. I yield the right of way. You don't want to intrude on grief.

Most of the time these place are empty.
The names of the ghosts flash by as I jog -
hopelessly far, but whispering close.


peace seeker said...

I often stroll the nearby cemetery during my lunch hour. I find myself pondering the speculative lives of the names on the headstones. I come away with a sense of peace. I hope that I am not breaking any behavior or respect rules on cemeteries. I do have 1 relative buried there. I try to be careful of where I walk. I remember my Grandmother used to instruct me to walk on the front side of the headstone so as not to step on the actual grave. I hope I'm not offending anyone.

JohnJEnright said...

I think your behavior is in very good taste, and no one will be offended by your strolling. If you approach them in the right frame of mind, they are an excellent place for a meditative walk.