Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Power-Hungry Vibe

There are a lot of ways to judge political candidates. One of mine is to try to get a feel for how power-hungry they seem. It's one of those "picking up a vibe" type judgments that are hard to nail down.

So far this year, my presidential power-hungry winner is Hillary Clinton. McCain seems to give it off sometimes, especially when he's angry. I haven't really picked it up from Obama yet. So on this dimension, I like him best.

Of course, it's hard to transcribe
What constitutes a vibe;
So this won't be my only basis
When choosing among the candidate's faces.

UPDATE: I'm not meaning power-hungry in the sense of intensely desiring high office. All 3 have that, in the biggest sort of way. I mean power-hungry in the sense of intensely wanting to control everybody's behavior.

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