Tuesday, July 08, 2008


While living out of the hotel room, I read through Revelation, which was available as the last book of the Bible, courtesy of the Gideons. Growing up Catholic, we called it the Apocalypse, which I think is more colorful, not to mention closer to the Greek title. But, really, apocalypse just means "unveiling," which is pretty much a synonym for revelation.

I had often looked at the work, but I had never quite gotten through it. It's so... wacky. In the past my brain rebelled against its vague symbolism. But this time I was able to just go with it as a mysterious vision whose cognitive meaning is opaque, but whose emotional meaning is clear.

It really seems to simmer with anger and the desire to see the wealthy of the world brought down.

It's so opaque
no one can make
complete sense
of its why and whence.

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