Saturday, August 02, 2008

Cuba Libre

We were hanging out this morning at the 63rd Street Beach, waiting for the race to start, and another competitor asks me if I've been to Cancun.

He figures I've been there because I'm wearing a wetsuit that says "Quintana Roo" on it. That's just a brand name. But I have been to Cancun, and I tell him so.

He volunteers that he has gone through there often, but has never really stayed in Cancun. He just flies to there to catch a boat to Cuba. Many times.

And it made me think. I've never visited an oppressed Communist country. And there aren't many left. Even the Castro regime may have to give up its grip on that poor island.

So if you really want to see,
what we used to call a Red State,
act quickly before they're set free,
book now before it's too late!

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