Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Getting Frosted About Tracking Devices

I started thinking about how Robert Frost would have dealt with the story about police sticking GPS trackers on people's vehicles - without warrants!

Who could have put this GPS
upon my sleigh? The cops, I guess.
This small device will let them know
my whereabouts with great success.

They'll learn exactly where I go -
to watch the woods fill up with snow -
I don't think that will help them much
with their investigations though.

They think they have me in a clutch,
still I can play at tricks and such,
and let them think they have me cold,
while I, in fact, am out of touch.

My little horse is weak and old
but he'll head home when he is told,
while I go hiking uncontrolled,
while I go hiking uncontrolled.

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