Saturday, April 17, 2010


The young woman above was a counter-protester at the Chicago tea party festivities at Daley plaza the other day. In the photo it appears she is pleading her case to a couple of skeptics.

The ICE referred to in her sign is Immigration and Customs Enforcement - the people who round up illegal immigrants.

I'm sympathetic to her cause. Most of these people came here to work. It's true they broke some laws doing so. But I see most of them as refugees, fleeing from economically oppressive regimes.

If they came here to work,
not shirk,
letting them in
is win-win.


Anonymous said...


We have been down in Florida this past week to be with Walter's mom during her last days.

Along the road on the15th we saw small groups out for tea party at each little community. Pretty neat. Reminded me of when we would protest down at the main post office on April 15th each year. That was back in the 70's.

One difference was that with the tea-party signs there were right-wing auxiliaries (viz. anti-abortionists and much mention of God). We didn't have that, although, I think some red flags latched onto our event in the year(s) we added opposition to draft registration to our anti-tax rally.


JohnJEnright said...

Ah, Stephen, that was back in the days when only those "crazy libertarians" were protesting on April 15!