Saturday, July 30, 2011

South Shore Tri 2011

I meant to do a tri
earlier in July
but I didn't do it
because I slept through it.

That was by choice. I had signed up, but when the morning came to do it, I was actually exhausted from not getting my normal amounts of sleep during the run of Wild Flowers. So today, at last, I did the South Shore Tri, the earlier and smaller of the 2 Chicago triathlons that involve swimming in Lake Michigan.

We had great weather. Tranquil water. Lovely sunrise over the lake. A warm, cloudless day, but not extremely hot.

The race was well organized except for one thing. A group of us had the wrong name on our race bibs. My bib read "Francesca".

But no one yelled to me: "Go, Francesca!"

I felt energetic after the race, but a wave of tiredness just hit me like a slap.
I need a nap.


Charlie McDanger said...

Maybe you'll wake up to find that John won the ladies' event...

JohnJEnright said...

Ha. No such luck!