Monday, July 11, 2011

Tricky Plot

Today our big local free weekly, The Chicago Reader, posted an online review of my play by Justin Hayford:
The various story lines in John Enright's tricky plot collide and stall at first. But once everything's on the table, his quirky, lighthearted script bounces efficiently forward, spirited along by Giau Truong's appealing cast.
There's more at the link, with spoilers aplenty!

I'm very pleased. The Reader is the dominant reviewing force in the Chicago fringe theater scene. They review more plays than anybody else in Chicagoland. But they don't review every play. So I am glad they reviewed mine and I'm glad the reviewer liked it, and liked my director and my very appealing cast!

Much can be forgiven in a plot
that neatly unties its own knot.

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