Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lemon Squares

I did something new today. I baked something.

I don't mean I never put anything in the oven before. No doubt I have. I have assisted others in various steps of the baking process.

But I never, on my own, followed a recipe to make "baked goods".

Today I made lemon squares. I found an easy-sounding recipe, and followed it. I didn't make the crust from scratch. I used a roll of cookie dough for that. But I made the filling from scratch - grating and squeezing the lemons, whisking it in with the other ingredients, etc.

Somehow it they came out pretty good. Tomorrow, at the work Halloween party, I will urge my co-workers to sample my wares.

I will put on boastful airs
about baking lemon squares.

Just one thing will grieve me -
no one will believe me!

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