Friday, October 14, 2011

Pondering Uganda

We're sending troops to Uganda. Because some crazy rebels are killing people there.
Heading a movement based on a mix of religion and brutality, Kony a self-styled mystic and religious prophet, claims to be fighting on divine orders to establish theocratic rule based on the Biblical Ten Commandments.
An American general is quoted in the story. He's the head of "U.S. Africa Command". I didn't know we even had such a thing.

Which reminds me, one of the great thing about talking to foreigners, is you always learn about odd things the U.S. government is doing to their countries. It's always something the foreigner doesn't like - and usually something that you, as an American, have never even heard of.

It could be military,
it could be financial,
it could be imaginary,
or even quite substantial.

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