Sunday, June 15, 2014

Press Behind Glass

The Sun-Times ran an interesting story today from a reporter complaining about the way contemporary politicians invite them to events, but then won't answer questions. The immediate focus was on a visit to Chicago by Hillary Clinton, followed by a flashback to a recent visit by Dick Cheney, followed by a full fingerpoint at our current president.

'We’re expected to show up, listen to whatever the official wants to say, then shut up and write about it.'

I suppose it's good that the press is complaining about it, but I don't think this level of complaining is very effective. She ends her article on a bitterly wistful note:

'So would a Hillary Clinton White House operate in the same way? Would love the chance to ask.'

Ask nice,
ask twice,
and someday she may let you ask...
thus letting you fulfill the journalist's task.

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