Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seatless in Pritzker

Last week they put shiny new furniture in Pritzker Park.

"One obvious reason that many folks haven’t chosen to spend time in Pritzker in the past is that it lacked a proper place to sit. The addition of seating for 40 to 50 people, in the form of large tables with umbrellas, small two-tops, and red plastic lawn chairs, is sure to attract more downtown workers and visitors."

At the link, you can click through to some very nice pictures by John Greenfield. Here are some zoom-ins:


Anyway, this week the furniture is gone again. I am told that's because homeless people, who frequent the park, weaponized the furniture on Saturday night.

That is, they got in a big brawl and were tossing it at each other.

(Cue the old Elton John song, "Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting".)

When furniture isn't nailed down
You never know when some clown
Will clobber someone's head
In the hope of leaving them dead.

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