Thursday, February 12, 2015


Having a job and rehearsing a play and dealing with a puppy have made me, I notice, a bit remiss in truly meeting the "rhyme of the day" standard.

But I do see that the press and the Democrats have begun nipping at the heels of Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin and Republican presidential wanna-be. And one main line of attack is: he didn't finish college.

He got married and got a job in his senior year.

Howard Dean called him unknowledgeable, linking his lack of a degree with some hedging statement he made about the theory of evolution.

Dean: "Because evolution is a widely accepted scientific construct, and people who don’t believe in evolution either do it for hard right religious reasons or because they don’t know anything."

Actually, that's pretty mealy-mouthed too. Construct? Pretty widely accepted? I'm not sure that Dean is sufficiently committed to "evolution as a hard fact"!

As a person who barely got his degree,
which focused on plays and poetry,
and not a class of biology,
I resent the idea that college
is necessary for knowledge.

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