Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Some Sonnets Do Not Use The Letter J

Some sonnets do not use the letter J.
They do not speak of jealousy or justice.
And if they specify a summer's day,
They mean the month that's named after Augustus.

Or if the season that we may behold
Is one associated with Kris Kringle,
You may hear sleigh bells ringing through the cold,
But never will the poet say they jingle.

It really isn't right to ban a letter.
It's bad enough that G steals half J's work.
For instance, jentle really would look better.
G, when you think about it, is a gerk.

If G would spend less time in mocking J,
English phonics would face a brighter day.

1 comment:

JohnJEnright said...

How this sonnet came about...

Mike Hardy is to blame, I'll not say nay.
He mentioned an official competition
Of sonnets that avoided using J,
Which caused this thing to come to its fruition.

And somehow from that somewhat silly notion,
This monster stumbled forth. And yes, I'm puzzled,
How one idea will set the mind in motion,
Pursuing themes that might be better muzzled.

And as for how the focus turned to G,
Gee whiz, I do not know, it just occurred.
Other letters are funny too, U C,
But jentle just looks jolly as a word.

Mike Hardy is to blame, we all agree,
Although, perhaps, you might try blaming me.