Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Reviews Are In

We had a nice long "Happy Face" review from Kristin Hardwick at Hi! Drama, which went into the actors' performances in some detail.

'Ms. Vitale's [Darlene] is ambitious in a charming way and Mr. Corbett's Alan perfectly complements [Darlene] with his warm smile and sincere attitude. The chemistry of Ms. Nehme and Mr. Mervin portraying the divorced couple works! Ms. Nehme's portrayal of the Irish "divorcee" is a nice balance of whimsy and sincerity and her constant "calling people out on the truth" adds to the depth of their stories in both a comical and genuine way.'

I also found a very negative review, which I will quote in its entirety:

"Almost as soon as the lights went up, I knew I wanted to walk out. About ten minutes later, I did. Dreams do come true."

I'm actually a bit puzzled by the snarky last line, because it sounds like a Disney reference, but my play doesn't have any Disney angle. I almost wonder if he was actually at a different play which runs in the same theater, which does have a Disney angle. Anyway, regardless of which show he glimpsed, I'm glad he got out after just ten minutes.

Life is short.
If you don't like a play,
escape and enjoy
the rest of your day!

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