Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sweet Tweet from the Irish Consulate

Someone from the Irish Consulate of New York came to see our play the other night, and tweeted:

"Great production @FringeNYC 'O'Brien and O'Brian'! Loved the accents guys! "It's because we don't have beavers in Ireland?!" Gold! Go see it"

I'm inordinately pleased. I've got 2 characters from Ireland in the play. They may verge on the comically outlandish at times, but they were drawn with great affection. I have a sentimental attachment to the people of that land, mostly because my great grandfather, for whom I am named, and who I remember fondly, was an emigrant from that Emerald Isle.

Our director, Robert Belchere, going into this production, was particularly focused on making the accents authentic. Well, Rob, I guess that was a good call if we were able to get some appreciation from the Irish Consulate! And nice going, MacKenzie Nehme and Juliana Forsberg-Lary, with your lovely brogues!

They're actually doing 2 different Irish accents, because there are many, and because the 2 characters, although old friends, actually are from different backgrounds - they met in boarding school.

No accents can beguile
like those from the Emerald Isle.


Charlie McDanger said...

I'd consider that as high praise as you can get. Great going!

JohnJEnright said...