Tuesday, August 04, 2015

So Called Targeted

I'm amused. Sites I visit are presenting me with ads for FringeNYC. No doubt this is occurring because I have done some searches on the festival or have visited the festival website.

But, you know, I've got a show at the festival! I don't need to be advertised to! As a matter of fact, I've paid to advertise my show a bit.

So, if you want to advertise something, be aware that "targeting" isn't always as targeted as you'd like.

Probably you've had the experience of buying something on the net - and then continuing to get ads for it. For rarely purchased items, this doesn't make much sense. Presumably the advertisers don't know your demand has already been supplied.

So, seriously, Fringe NYC,
don't advertise to me.


Charlie McDanger said...

I have had precisely the same reflection on big data: if Amazon, presumably one of the more sophisticated parties, keeps sending me ads for an item I just bought (on Amazon!), how bad can it be?

JohnJEnright said...

Yeah, big data or big dummies?