Friday, September 04, 2015

Heaping Scorn on the Heretic

Is it really important to drag this Kentucky clerk through the mud? Apparently it is. She must be shamed.

It's one thing to toss her in the clink for contempt of court. But shaming her for being married 4 times is something else.

Some deep insecurity is at work.

Much ugliness springs
from fear that has wings.


Charlie McDanger said...

History will not look kindly on the politicians rushing to her side, I suspect.

But to your question, I have a hard time mustering much sympathy for her. She condemns on moral grounds the intimate behaviors of others; the retaliation seems natural if not high-minded.

JohnJEnright said...

I wouldn't mind if a few people wanted to slut-shame her. But it's as if the normally high-minded people are wildly happy to finally be able to slut-shame someone with a clean conscience.

Charlie McDanger said...

Agreed, good point.