Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Rainmaker

I've been looking online for a photo of the spectacular set of The Rainmaker, as put on currently at JPAC theatre in Cicero, IL. It's credited to Rick Arnold. Oddly enough, there don't seem to be any publicity photos online.

I particularly enjoyed Ann Marie White as Lizzie, the farm girl who has trouble attracting suitors because she speaks her mind too plainly.

You might have seen the old movie version, with Katherine Hepburn in the role of Lizzie, and Burt Lancaster in the role of Starbuck, the confidence-hustler.

He exudes confidence. She is languishing for the lack of it.

From a writer's perspective, the line I most admired in the play belonged to neither of the two lead characters

It belonged to her other beau,
who simply said "don't go."

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