Monday, November 30, 2015

No Rioting So Far

Some people think my native city deserves some punishment:

"Chicago Deserves Riots Over The Laquan McDonald Shooting And Coverup"

So far, we haven't had riots. Why not? We've occasionally had riots here in the past. Well, there must be reasons. Here are some that occur to me:

1) Authorities charged the police officer with first degree murder.
2) The city gave the teenager's family 5 million dollars.
3) The teenager wasn't just minding his own business, he was apparently walking around with a knife, refusing orders to drop it.
4) It's cold here.
5) The police are letting the protesters "blow off steam" without too much hindrance.

Serious urban riots are big, complex, emotional events, which involve a lot of factors, including an explosion of frustration on the part of young men.

Serious urban riots tend to be disastrous for the neighborhoods in which they occur. They don't actually help anybody much.

People I talk to, black and white, are generally perplexed by the video of this cop shooting this kid. We just don't understand why he did it. The video raises so many questions that the mind boggles.

The cop has a lawyer, of course.

But I fear his defense
will not make much sense.

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