Friday, November 27, 2015

The Blare of the Trumpet

I'm not a fan of Trump's, I haven't seen him in the debates, and I haven't even watched him much at all on video, since I prefer reading my news. But I am amused by the way he is giving everybody the fits by just saying stuff. He gets "everyone" "outraged" at him, and yet keeps doing fine in the polls for the Republican primary. Somehow the "everyone" is a different set of people than his fan base. The media seems to want to take him down, jumps at each chance, and flubs its apparent chances.

And he gets free publicity every time. From the press.

I'm trying to figure out how he does this.

What is his secret technique?
You open your mouth and speak
And say whatever you feel,
And when challenged declare "I'm real!"

1 comment:

Charlie McDanger said...

Much as I enjoy seeing the media and GOP establishment driven to apoplexy, Trump's success is an unflattering display of who and what the party really is.

The road for Hillary looks wide and empty, paved freshly by Trump Contracting.