Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Man 2015

Santa shows a brave face,
planning to violate lots of air space,
with a stealth unregistered sleigh,
ho-ho-hoing all the way.

That was me today, playing Santa at a party for kids.

That's me earlier this year, in a different costume, playing the German version of Santa in The Devilish Children at Dream Theatre. If you look close, you may detect the fact that I put white makeup on my dark eyebrows in this version. Contrary to rumor, this was not an evil Santa. The kids were kind of devilish, but Santa was his usual benevolent self.

As I put on my costume today, I asked aloud: what's my motivation? The answer, of course, is spreading good cheer.

Playing Santa is a blast!
But am I being type cast?

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