Saturday, December 19, 2015

Early Giftmas

Our kids and their spouses are in town this weekend, but not next weekend, when they will be visiting their respective in-laws.

So we did our gift exchange this morning. It felt strangely like Christmas, even though there are a bunch more shopping days remaining for most of you!

I got a funny/serious pair of socks:

You can see the two socks look a little difference, and the difference is that on one the titles of books are listed, and on the other they are listed, but redacted, as if magic marker had been drawn over the title. All the book titles are of books that have been "banned" somewhere or other. (Bigger pic here.)

Wearing mismatched socks is actually a fashion trend. I have seen it among hip 20-somethings here in Chicago.

As with any trend, there are rules.

"Among the most important: The socks must always be more or less the same length—no mixing a knee high with a short one. And while patterns can be combined, clashing seasons—as with snowflakes and flowers—are frowned upon."

Actually, I gave my wife some mismatched socks this morning, as Christmas socks. I actually bought a pair of pink socks and a pair of green socks. But then I mismatched them and gave them as a green-pink pair and a pink-green pair.

I told her she could join the hipster elite
just by mismatching the socks on her feet.

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