Monday, May 16, 2016

Water From Above

I went into a downtown CVS today, planning to make a purchase and to use the Higi station, which is a brand of those free-to-use blood-pressure monitors. My son-in-law works at Higi, so I like to use his product, as a proud and supportive father-in-law.

But my trip was cut short. First of all, the carpet in the CVS, near the Higi station, near the pharmacy desk, had a big puddle. I looked around, and could see the puddle was caused not by a spill but by a leak from overhead - there was water coming down from the drop ceiling panels.

I stepped around the puddle, figuring I could use the machine safely as long as I kept my feet out of the water. I was starting to sign in when I heard a sort of muffled crash. An acoustic ceiling panel had fallen about 10 feet away. Well, that was disheartening. I heard a pharmacist telling a customer to be careful, and then I heard another muffled crash. Sure enough, another panel had dropped.

I studied the ceiling more carefully. There were a bunch of wet panels still up there. Dripping water. So I decided to leave... without successfully measuring my blood pressure at the higi machine. Maybe tomorrow.

I did complete my purchase.

I don't know about you,
but it's my personal feeling,
that it's bad luck
to get hit by a falling ceiling.

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