Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Wrong Again

You know, well, you might remember, that I was guessing we would see a contested Republican convention. I imagined that things would sort of continue, with Trump not winning majorities, only pluralities. Wrong!

So what happens now on the GOP side? Are they just going to solidify around Trump?

I have a lot of friends who are now planning to vote for Johnson on the Libertarian ticket. They don't expect Johnson to win. But they can't quite vote for either HRC or DT.

As for me, I'm officially undecided,
even though that group is often derided,
I've decided to join their ranks
so the candidates aim their planks
at my array of political beliefs -
and if that happened - that would be a relief!


Charlie McDanger said...

I think Trump is likelier to be guided toward agreeable policy. Hilary's planks have been calculated and refined over decades; Trump's seem, not surprisingly, like first ideas from a guy who's never done this before.

JohnJEnright said...

I agree. He's kind of an unknown. She's defined. As politicians go, of course.