Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Juror Furor

A couple of the jurors from the Michael Jackson trial are now recanting, saying they really thought he was guilty but they were bullied by other jurors into finding him not guilty.

Sure, now they tell us!

"Unanimous" jury verdicts do not always represent full agreement among members of the jury. Rather, unanimous verdicts often represent compromises among jurors who are eager to go home. It it weren't for this tendency, there would be a lot more hung juries.

It's worth noting that these particular recanting jurors are talking book deals.

"They bullied me, they pressured me, I had to go along,
But now I've got a book deal so I'll sing a different song!"

1 comment:

mckay said...

1. those jurors need to be charged with pergery for thier misdeeds. compromise shompromise. they let a pedophile free.

2. i'm in favor of a professional jury system. judges, stenographers, baliffs, are all pros, why not the jurrors....other than the dreaded reason: because it's always been done that way.