Monday, August 08, 2005

Rainy Night in Georgia

It was rainy last night in Georgia, but now I'm in North Carolina where it's dry.

Marsha and I were hosted in Georgia by the Fellowship of Reason folks, and had a great time. I rode a jetski for the first time in my life, and I now see how it could rapidly become addictive. The lake house at which we stayed had no phones and no broadband. So rhyme-of-the-day missed a day. I wasn't even able to pick up a wireless signal!

I was wireless-less,
I guess.

This morning, at their big monthly meeting, Marsha spoke to them about her new college project, and I talked about my novel, Unholy Quest, and did a book signing. It was great fun with great people. Mark Berger, Montessorian extraordinaire, then drove us up a couple of states to North Carolina.

Here, lucky me, they have wireless
So I can continue my tireless
But nonetheless terse
Daily verse.

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