Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sponges On The Road

I did the Accenture Chicago Triathlon today, along with about 7500 other people. We bicycled Lake Shore Drive, which is a bit bumpy in places. Those bumps can jar things off a bike. Today, a lot of those things were yellow sponges.

You see, a certain company makes a water bottle you mount on the front of your bike so you can drink through a straw while you ride. This bottle does not have a normal top. It has a yellow sponge you are supposed to stick in the top. It works fine. Until you hit a good bump. Then the yellow sponge goes flying.

Yes, this happened to me two weeks ago. It didn't happen today because I used some bigger sponges that Marsha bought me. They stayed put.

Note to cyclists: AVOID ALL BUMPS
Or your sponge might get dumped.

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