Thursday, November 24, 2005


My children are home for the Great Stuffing Festival.

My son arrived last night at 1 am and started talking about how COLD it was. Well, he is a grad student in Los Angeles, and his body no longer knows what COLD is.

In fact, it was 40F when we picked him up. In our opinion, that was WARM. After all, it's above freezing.

He hasn't woken up yet this morning, but it is 18F here now, below freezing, with 28 mph winds that drop the windchill to 1F. He's not going to like this.

I'm thinking that he needs an acclimation program before he visits. Perhaps he could find an ice cream shop with a walk-in freezer, and ask to spend time inside, a little more each day, until he was ready.

Health clubs have saunas - why don't they have freezers?

Next time he complains, I think I might shout:
Chill out!

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